We have a panel of three Doctors 1. Pediatrician 2.Dentist 3. Ophthalmic. Once in three months. One of our Doctors will attend to our kids. They give reports regarding their health and advice the parents for the further treatment if needed. They check kid’s immunization card, and keep them updated for the well being of the kids. This really helps us to keep the kids in perfect health conditions and also give us the sense of security about our kids health and well being.

  • Yoga & Exercise
  • Good food and exercise keep you healthy and wise. Everyday after prayer, we make them do simple warm up exercise to make them brisk and feel fresh in the morning. It regulates their blood circulation and makes them more energetic. Yoga controls their emotions and feelings, help them to be calm and relaxed. They feel relaxed mentally as well as physically. Discipline is important by exercise and yoga.

  • Health Programs
  • We don’t allow any oily spicy packed foods since it is not healthy and hygiene. we have special diet chart for the children prepared in consultation with eminent Nutritionist and Pediatrician. , By this, children are getting the habit of eating healthy vegetables, fruits, andcereals which is nutritional healthy. The diet chart helps them to grow healthly. They are getting balanced nutrition also. Healthy habits are implemented right from their childhood. They are given protein rich diet which helps them to grow with full of energy.

  • Walking Naturally
  • We take our kids to nature walk, once in fifteen days, they enjoy this outing. They like to see the natural beauty of trees, plants, leaves, flowers, etc., outside the school. They love to see the butterflies flying. They enjoy watching the birds, they enjoy their nature walk very much.

  • Regular Check Ups
  • we take great care in their health and hygiene. With the kind courtesy of well-known dedicated Doctors who will visit our school once a term for a thorough check up and the Medical Inspection report will be given to the parents for their guidance. The general Physicians, Dentist, E.N.T. & Eye Specialists will be doing the check up for our blossoms.