Thee Shiksha Garden Club was started With a MOTTO "Fun Way The Best Way Of Learning",a kids centre for Spoken English, summer camps, Winter Camps, child counseling and Parental guidance.

Soft Skills

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES: Communicating effectively is at the heart of successful interrelationships and we don't just communicate to you how to communicate, we show you how!
PUBLIC SPEAKING:Well there's no need to run a hundred miles the other way seeing these words because we know how to get you to say "Why not I speak?!" rather than "Why me?!" No more butterflies in the stomach but instead learn to soar free and unbridled like one!
PRESENTATION SKILLS:It is said that "One does not get a second chance to create a good first impression" and whilst we can't hypnotise your boss to give you that promotion we certainly can help you "put your best foot forward and present like a pro for success in your career!
ETTIQUETTE AND GROOMING:(Social and Professional) "Good manners don't cost anything but can cost you everything!" So let us guide you through transforming yourself into polished and well-groomed people, your recipe for success!

Spoken English

Theeshiksha has curriculum and a learning environment to help you develop the English skills you need to succeed in India today. We are on your team—your success is our goal!

Parental Guidance

As we are offering Parent Counseling services, parents of all age groups can get the advantage of our services. Our experienced counselors help them to accomplish the basic requirements of their child’s and make them able to accept their child as they are and stop comparing them with other child. They are able to understand their child tackle them in an effective manner.

Winter Camp

Winter camp children have an opportunity to act on their own, be self-reliant and try things for themselves. To put it in one word, Winter camp provides independence, and that's a major part of growing up. When campers find adult friends, called counselors, modeling perseverance, listening, teamwork and appreciation of differences, campers set new and high standards for their own behavior, making their new found independence more inline with your at home teachings.

Summer Camp

We conduct summer camps every year during the month of April and May. We have 2 batches of 2 Years to 5 Years and 6 Years to 12 Years, We teach them karate, Yoga, Western dance, arts & crafts, spoken English, conversation, grammar, words builder, story telling, sentence formation, mythological stories, traditional games, general knowledge and a lot more. We conduct many competitions and give prizes for the kids. Children enjoy our camp every year.
More than 60 kids attend our camp. We have talented masters for each of activity. They learn lot of activities which are informative to them and also spend the summer holidays usefully