About Us

Dear Parents We congratulate you for making a wise and excellent decision inselecting our school as a stepping stone for Education for your budding blossoms.

Thee Shiksha Sishya Bhawan

Thee Shiksha Sishya Bhawan is well Known Play School, Pre KG and Cultural Academy in Chennai, Since 2002.
Thee Shiksha Sishya Bhawan Play School to KG promises to open the door for learning for the Budding Blossoms


In-depth study has been made especially for the early childhood education to determine what skills child needs in order to begin school successfully. We at,Thee Shiksha Sishya Bhawan with the help of modern techniques promise to give the best to your child to excel in every field of life. With a power of five elements your child can get what ever she/he wishes in life. The skills provided at Thee Shiksha Sishya Bhawan will form a strong foundation for your child to face any challenges in life.
The five skills are:
1. Visual Skills
2. Listening Skills
3. Motor Skills
4. Maths Magical Skills
5. Manipulating Skills

We concentrate On

> Colour and Shapes
> Numbers
> Mind to analyze
> Position and Direction
> Time Concept
> Listening and Sequencing
To teach these methods, we approach in a scientific way by using computer, Audio and Video, Outdoor and Indoor methods. There will be no Homework or Syllabus given to the parents so that you need not concentrate on the child in order to leave her/him to be free and enjoy their childhood. On Parent Teachers Meeting, we will explain with demonstration of our method of teaching and the syllabus for your academic satisfaction only.


We believe in practical and scientific approach for which the children will be taken out for nature walk where they can see real fruits, vegetables, animals and learn in a true way and many more. Indoor games are provided to improve their memory knowledge, physical ability etc. During the week one day is left exclusively for the children where they will be deciding the topic and teach the other kids with the guidance of the teachers. That day they are left free to do whatever they want to the extent of dirtying themselves with mud and colouring and painting themselves. Monthly twice they will be having water game sessions.

Extra Curricular Activities

The children are taught to have a community living by way of group activities. Children are taken out for Picnics, Field Trips. To add more fun to their activities we have Fancy Dress Competition, Dance Competition, Music Competition, Drawing Competition and Sports etc., On Parent Teacher Meeting we have an interactive session not only with teachers but also with the children. The interaction will be depending on the curriculum followed that month.

Health Care

T.S.S.B. Children are so special that, we take great care in their health and hygiene. With the kind courtesy of well-known dedicated Doctors who will visit our school once a term for a thorough check up and the Medical Inspection report will be given to the parents for their guidance. The general Physicians, Dentist, E.N.T. & Eye Specialists will be doing the check up for our blossoms.


To give the feeling of being an Indian, we at T.S.S.B. take utmost care in creating a awareness in our child to whose shoulders future India lies. We teach them our different culture and tradition by way of slokas, bajans, Vedas and stories also we touch other religions sentiments by celebrating almost all the festivals. The school will have 2 short-term holidays apart from the Summer Vacation. The school early curriculum begins from June and though we insist on full year payment we have given an option for the convenience of the parents to make it into two terms.

Relationship with T.S.S.B and the Proud Parents

We assure you that all the above said will be implemented and we will give you complete satisfaction and get your appreciation to make you feel that your child has been enrolled in Thee Shiksha Sishya Bhawan.


The school does not provide their own transport, if required we can specially arrange a responsible driver and a van on payment of an additional amount.